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Hi I’m Sarah, fitness fanatic and Lycra addict.


I started practicing yoga just over 4 years ago. The first thing I noticed straight away was the difference it made to my sleep. It wasn’t long before I was hooked. I started to notice a big change in my body and strength which amazed me.


My preferred style of yoga is Vinyasa, both to teach and practice personally. I love the fact that no two classes are the same and I REALLY love the strength side to it. If you have been to one of my classes you’ll know I like a push-up!! I particularly like planning funky flows and sequences. 


There is something very special about teaching in a studio. Being surrounded by lovely people who have a shared passion is the best.


I look forward to seeing you on the mat🧘‍♀️



Hi I’m Jo, a Yoga and Fitness Instructor, well-being advocate and healthy living enthusiast offering fitness and yoga classes in and around Berkshire. 


My own yoga practise started way back in 1999 and I’ve been studying and practising ever since. I began teaching in 2012.  Classes are inspired by a wide mix of styles such as ashtanga, jivamukti, kundalini, rocket and yin. 


My aim is to encourage students to use the practise as an anchor into awareness and to reconnect to themselves through mind body and breath.


Classes are all inclusive, lighthearted, fun, explorative, and work to develop strength and flexibility in both body and mind.



Hi, I’m Michelle and I teach mat and reformer Pilates. I have been practicing Pilates for ten years and qualified with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates institute to bring a safe sequence of exercises to each class to suit every body. 


Based on the six guiding principles of Pilates - centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow my classes are challenging and focus on mind muscle connection with deep core activation, full body strength and flexibility. 


I am qualified to teach pre and postnatal Pilates as well as Pilates for osteoporosis. I believe Pilates can help every single body in some way. 



Hi, I'm Angela and I specialise in teaching mindfulness, yin and vinyasa yoga.


Yin Yoga is the yoga class I teach here at Five Star which teaches you how deep stretches can nurture the body and mind. 


I believe practising yoga is healing and creating mobility in the body equals freedom.


I emphasise on adapting the class so it is personal to you and knowing all bodies are different, we can use props to create a comforting space for you to open and flourish.

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